Meet our coaches and trainers.

In 2018 our first cohort completed their rigorous 18 month training programme in Leadership coaching. We are pleased to introduce you to the team!

In 2019 a second cohort will complete their training journey and will be added to this group. In 2020 the third cohort will graduate and also be added here.

If you are interested in leadership coaching for yourself or a member of your team, contact James Sinsel for further information.

If coaches and trainers

Elke Hanssmann
Faculty Director / Trainer

Based in the UK. Originally German. Elke is the mastermind of the coaching academy.

Elke on LinkedInAuthentic Coaching
Pranesh Anadial
Faculty / Coach

Based in South Africa.

Pranesh on LinkedIn
Peter Nicholl
Faculty / Coach

Peter’s a cool dude who lives an international jetsetting lifestyle — between the UK and South Africa.

Su-Kim Leong Phua
Faculty / Coach

Based in Malaysia.

Kenneth Bong
Coach / Faculty

Based in Singapore.

Kenneth's Facebook
James Sinsel

Based in Canada (but the guy’s actually American, and rides a big bad bike!

James on Faceboook
Neil Mason

Based in Portugal.

LinkedIn Page
Claudia Costa

Based in Latin America.

Claudia's Facebook
Roberta Saffels

Based in the USA.

Roberta's Facebook
Pari Balasubramaniam

Based in Malaysia.

Dave Babcock

Based in the USA.

Katherine Porter

Based in Australia.