Neil Mason

International Leadership Coach


Coaching is a conversation which
leads to a change in thought or behaviour.
If there is no change,

it’s just a conversation.
Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh

For more than a decade, my journey has involved coaching and collaborating with emerging leaders, team leaders, business owners, third sector leaders, and CEOs. Throughout this time, a common thread has emerged — the imperative for leaders to cultivate intentional thinking and leadership, transcending mere intuition. However, a significant hurdle often encountered is the scarcity of time to engage in the profound reflection essential for effective leadership.

While experience undoubtedly holds value, Marshall Goldsmith aptly notes in his leadership book, “What got you here, won’t keep you there!” Each day presents us with pivotal challenges, demanding thorough preparation and readiness.

In my capacity as an executive and leadership coach, I offer a secure and confidential environment where leaders can embark on thoughtful exploration within a stimulating and challenging partnership. Through active listening, probing inquiry, and joint exploration, fresh insights are unearthed, novel solutions are crafted, and new aspirations take shape.

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