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Coaching is about a conversation which leads towards change and development of the client through a thought provoking process of conversation. The coach partners with the client to create a space for thought that helps the client towards their desired development goals.**

Coaching is not about a coach telling a client what he/she should do. The coach does not give solutions, but rather evokes awareness and facilitates change and learning. If you are a leader, you don't need people telling you how to do your job, right?

I coach senior leaders and executives as well as serve as faculty on 2 ICF approved coaching academies.

I hold a PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation and a Senior Practitioner credential with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (ICF), as well as a PGC in Mentoring & Coaching (EMCC).I am currently undertaking an ILM LEVEL 7 qualification in Executive and Leadership Coaching.

ICF PCC Certificate


Mentoring is a relationship where one person uses their experience in order to help someone else develop theirs.

My specific interest in mentoring is in the educational context where I offer training and support to educational organisations (schools, universities, etc.) in developing their own mentoring projects.

Some of the organisations where I have given training:
The Portuguese Association of English Teachers, University of Porto (School of Education), Univeridade Lusófona,


As well as coaching & mentoring, I offer specialised intercultural training for individuals and organisations.

Intercultural Intelligence training from

some clients:

I have also given intercultural training also to NGOs and faith-based organisations in Britain, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine and Portugal.