Intercultural Intelligence

Whenever you visit a new country or meet “foreigners” you begin to notice that all around you a number of strange things happen. Things you may never have experienced before. Different languages, people speaking at a volume you are not used to, people eating or drinking things you either can’t identify or certainly wouldn’t attempt to eat or drink if you could identify them.

The problem is that each country you visit puts you back to square one — new “strange” stuff. You’d just got used to being kissed on the two cheeks in Portugal and Spain when all of a sudden you are off to an Asian country where such kissing would be considered very improper indeed!

The concept of Intercultural Intelligence, however, focusses not on the “rules of engagement” or the visible aspects of a culture — but rather who you are as a person and your ability to adapt and change without understanding exactly what is going on around you.

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If you are in the north of Portugal, this course in Portuguese may be of interest — an introduction to Intercultural Communication. A basic course of 12 hours which serves as an introduction to your intercultural journey.

Intercultural @ FLUP
Curso ministrado completamente em Português.
This course is in Portuguese language only.

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