Os maiores problemas entre equipas e indivíduos tem a ver com a comunicação — ou seja, a falta de comunicação.

Ouvimos com o intuito de responder e não para aprender sobre o ponto de vista do outro.

NewMind pretende ajudar a aprender uma comunicação para sucesso. Uma comunicação que procura soluções “win-win” em que todas as partes ganham. Todos os conceitos são reunidos na ideia do caráter Chinês “TING” …

Most of us listen with the intent to respond, therefore, we are not truly listening to the other person at all. There are levels and types of listening.

Listening with self in mind
With this type of listening, when someone says something like “I went to a conference in Barcelona last month” — we respond with “Oh, really? I went to Barecelona on holiday a few years ago! Or “Wow! I love conferences in different countries, you get to meet so many interesting people!” In these examples, we attempt to “build a connection” by showing the other person that we know something about what they are talking about — but this type of listening focusses back on you, and can become pretty annoying.

Listening with the other in mind
Here, and example might be, “Wow! Barcelona? Did you get to visit some interesting sites? What did you think of the place? What did you like most?” or “What was the conference about? What did you learn? Who was the most interesting person you met?” — then allow the person to tell you their experience.

There’s a lot more that can be said about listening skills. At Newmind, part of what we do is listen to you, and help you develop better interpersonal communication and manage difficult conversations through coaching and mediation — to discover the way towards growth and “win-win” solution.

The Chinese character, TING (above), embodies our ideal philosophy for one who listens — a person who is completely available heart, soul, mind and body to listen to others. In the video below, Jennifer Garvey Berger talks about different ways we listen.

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