In my article about moving to Portugal I mention the 4 STAGES OF CULTURAL ADAPTATION, the first stage is called the “honeymoon phase. So what is this first stage all about?

At the beginning of a new life abroad it’s normal to feel euphoric as you discover all the new and wonderful things around you that you never knew existed. Here in Portugal, for example, a beer or wine is a considerably less expensive than in the north of Europe! Eating out is a wonderful experience — and it’s cheap! The weather is typically great, and the street cafés are just wonderful.

For those who love adventure, the Portuguese gastronomy is a constant new discovery. The fish, the seafood, the excess of meat, the Brazilian restaurants and, of course—the wine! Life is always a party and it’s sunny almost every day. People are friendly and you quickly discover a whole new group of friends you enjoy being with.

Whatever country you relocate to, this honeymoon stage is where the general relocation experience begins. For some it lasts months, or a year, but one day — it ends and real life sets in.

The 4 stages are — Honeymoon · Culture Shock · Adjustment · Adaptation

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